deeanna480x600I write about everyday people, not looking for love or danger, but finding both. They learn to grow and change and accept who they were and who they’ve come to be. In between, they overcome greed, hidden agendas and the occasional psychopath.

Chasing Glory - Ebook 1333 x 2000

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Tal Kingston, an R&D genius who’s built a successful gourmet food company, wants to get married. He’s got a spreadsheet that covers all his requirements, but needs help executing his plan. Tal hires executive assistant Glory Danvers to help him put his best foot forward. His spreadsheet goes out the window. His company’s reputation is threatened when he learns his products are being counterfeited and sold at posh resorts in Antigua. He talks Glory into posing as his wife at a couples resort and together they succeed in overcoming the counterfeiters’ scheme. Glory Danver’s life has had some serious downturns recently. Under financial stress, she agrees to help an R&D lab geek attract a company VP he’s got his eye on. In helping Tal, Glory sees what the VP can’t, and gets way more than she hired on for.

Gambling on the Goddess_e-cover_highresolution

She’s Pallas, a financial genius and top-notch poker player, at Lake Tahoe to solve a family mystery and win the money she needs to launch her career. He’s Danny, a casino owner whose new club is his whole life. Someone’s out to destroy his dream: a situation that threatens Pallas’s plans as much as her attraction to Danny threatens her peace of mind. Danny has enough to handle without worrying about the redhead he can’t seem to get out of his thoughts, especially when she’s determined to get involved. Together, they find out who’s behind the attacks on Danny’s club and a twenty-year-old murder. Can they stay alive long enough to answer the question: Can a goddess and a gambler live happily ever after?


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They grew up close as kin, sheltered by family and southern values. But things change and they left, sure their choices would make them happy. Delta Jameson’s marriage was a huge mistake. She’s on the mend now, and fiercely independent. Her vulnerability and stress over the loss of her beloved Gran increases when her ex sues her, invoking a clause in their pre-nup. Delta begins to see Blue as more than a friend and wants to pursue intimacy. Blue Richmond has come home. He mastered the financial world and now he’s looking to launch a second career and build a family, the whole messy dream. Problem is; somebody doesn’t want him back. Blue can overcome old demons and new threats; but permanence with Delta turns out to be the only real risk worth fighting for. A seventy-year-old secret and a land grant dating to the Civil War stir their lives and bring passion to the surface.